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Why do you do what you do?


              Our mission at More to the Story Entertainment is to bring a smile to your child's face & create moments that will not only last through their childhood, but memories they will keep for years to come. We strive to provide a magical as well as educational environment for each child. Our actors will arrive and remain in character for the entirety of their stay at your celebration. This is to ensure the magic is kept alive from the first to the last second. We believe that in a world where media bombards children with messages of low self-esteem and not being good enough, they need role models who teach that having faith in dreams and working hard to achieve those dreams is important to who they will become. While not all of us live in a castle, dress in fancy clothes or wear tiaras and crowns, we believe each child has something special within them that makes them a true Royal.

              Our entire cast also believes in the magic of learning while having fun. Important skills can be taught and learned even while listening to a story, coloring or making a snowflake. Don't tell the kids, but they will be learning math, reading, music, art, science, history fundamentals and even important life skills like respect and sharing through their interactions with our characters. Shhhh! That's a secret between us, right Mom and Dad?


What sets you apart from any other company I might find in Arizona?


             More to the Story Entertainment is unique because we are not only trained entertainers but we also bring experience in working with children to the table. Our founder, Brittany Butler, has worked with children of all ages as a teacher and substitute in a local school district as well as assistant director of Broadway Jr. Musicals for 12 years. She is also a private voice and acting coach, so each time you meet one of our characters, you can be sure you are getting an authentic experience that is polished and that every detail has been carefully put into place. Every detail of each costume, from wig to shoe, is carefully considered before finalized as the look you see in person. You might see something slightly different than popular films, but that is where imagination comes in! We take inspiration from all around us; books, film and our own creative intuition to bring a character to life. Most of all, More to the Story Entertainment's performances and appearances are not only engaging and entertaining, but there is a hidden bit of learning thrown in so each parent and child can talk about various topics like manners, respect, being a leader, etc. We ensure that your child will always be made to feel like the true royal they are!

What's in a name?


             When naming our Royal Cast, a song titled "More to the Story" inspired our founder, Brittany. The song is sung by an unorthodox Princess, Princess Fiona in Shrek the Musical.  The lyrics are about how not all stories are what they seem nor do the all follow a similar path to reach 'Happily Ever After.' While most stories are about a Princess in distress and a handsome Prince rescuing her, Brittany knew that not all fairy tales follow that same storyline. Even the stories we know so well have much more to tell us. What is it like for all of our favorite characters after the story ends? Does the story end or is there..."more to the story?" Brittany knew the characters would need some help in telling the rest of their stories.

             That's where YOU come in! Your stories are just as magical as your favorite characters and when the two collide, you can take part in their "Happily Ever After!"

             Brittany and her amazing cast also know that no story is complete without music. Singing and dancing fuel a story and bring it to life. No appearance will be without music.

 And so, More to the Story Entertainment was born. Driven by imagination and the importance of helping every child we meet know they are royalty and that their story is magical and special, our Royal Cast brings music, story-telling and dance infused with learning disgused as fun to every party!

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