Royal Cast of Characters

We have many magical friends to choose from.

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  • Snow White

  • Cinderella

  • Sleeping Beauty (Pink Gown or Forest Dress)

  • The Little Mermaid (Aqua Gown or Town Dress)

  • Belle (Golden Ballgown / Green Library Gown)

  • The Arabian Princess (Pink Live Action Movie Version)

  • Rapunzel (Long Braid, Loose Hair, or Short Brown Hair)

  • The Snow Queen

  • The Snow Princess (Ballgown and Traveling Outfit)

  • The Scottish Princess

  • Alice in Wonderland

  • Wendy Darling

  • Fairy Godmother

  • Nightshade the Fairy (Halloween Fairy)

  • Mad Hatter

  • Captain Hook

  • Fairy Caitlin* (only seen at The Mini Time Machine Museum)

  • Tooth Fairy

  • Queen Titania 

  • Peaseblossom (Spring Fairy)

  • Fairy Harmony (Music Fairy)

  • Mother Goose

  • Little Red Riding Hood

  • Wonder Woman

  • Galactic Knights

  • Greek Muses

  • Ghost Hostess

  • The Queen of Hearts

  • Fancy Nancy

  • Father Christmas

  • Christmas Elves

  • Maria Von Trapp

  • Brave Knights

  • Sir Lancelot

  • Peter Pan

Coming Soon

  • Bo Peep

  • Female Space Rebel

  • Sonnet the Songbird 

  • Celeste the Rainbow Unicorn 

  • Stardust the Night Unicorn 

*Actors featured are subject to availability. Our talented cast portray multiple roles and you will not be disappointed in any appearance. Interested in a character that you don't see? Please email us at with your request! We love adding to our cast of characters and would be happy to work with you!  Please note, we do not offer mascot characters. We will create a version of the character minus the mascot costume. *

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More to the Story Entertainment is dedicated to making children's dreams come true by bringing to life their favorite characters and teaching royal traits like being kind and believing in their dreams. Our Royal Cast spreads the joy of music and literacy through telling their stories, but they are more than just princes and princesses. We believe that every "Happily Ever After" is just "More to the Story" for every child and kid at heart.

Our characters are inspired by the authors who penned their Fairy Tales. You can read all about them on their character pages. It is not the intention of More to the Story Entertainment to violate any copyright laws and we do not claim to represent any theme park or film company in any way. Our characters are inspired by the many popular renditions of favorite fairy tale characters and any resemblance to any rendition is incidental. If you are looking for a specific character based on a Walt Disney film, please contact that company directly. Thank you for your understanding and remember, imagination is endless!