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What's being said about MORE TO THE STORY ENTERTAINMENT?...

"You and your staff were wonderful!!! I would say you were the best part of the event. The kids loved you and you added so much sparkle to the day. Thanks so much for being part of it!"


-Alice Gordon ~ Food & Allergy Research Education Walk Fall 2013

princess parties tucson, tucson princess parties, mttse
princess parties tucson, tucson princess parties, mttse

"Queen Elsa (Rachel), made her royal debut at my daughter's bday party today. She blew away my expectations, and I am a huge Disney fan and hard to impress. Amazing outfit, hair and make up, and a voice that was perfect. Highly recommended!!"


-Melinda (Mom)

princess parties tucson, tucson princess parties, mttse


"Queen Elsa (Rachel), Ariel (Brittany) and Jasmine (Michelle), made a royal appearance at my baby girl Eraya Rose's 5th bday party. Raya's 5th bday was so magical and her favorite part of her party was singing with Elsa. Thank you for helping keep the magic alive!"


-Erica (Mom)

"By far one of the greatest Princess Entertainment companies out there. This group is super talented AND truly enjoy what they are doing! I have had the pleasure of working along side some of the cast members and own my own children's entertainment company doing face painting/balloon twisting. I only wish I lived in Tucson so I could work along side these amazing artists again!"


-Sara (Owner of A Funky Affair)

princess parties tucson, tucson princess parties, mttse
princess parties tucson, tucson princess parties, mttse


"Cinderella, (Nellie), came as a special guest for my daughters fifth birthday party. The eight little girls were amazed and so excited! Cinderella was so charming and engaging! The girls loved the story time and the tea time with her. Even when one of the children would give a crazy response to a question the princess always kept her composure and was the model of princess manners. All communications before the event were helpful and it was a very positive experience. My mom friends are a little ticked at me for "raising the bar" on birthday parties though because their daughters all want to have a Real princess at there parties now."


- Shey (Mom)

"I hired Sleeping Beauty, (Brittany), to surprise a co-worker on his birthday with a singing telegram. He was completely surprised and the performance was amazing. She was engaging, looked the part and her voice completely blew him, the staff and the few patrons that were there away. Thank you for coming and making this happen!"



"The hit of our party was a visit from Ariel herself. The fabulous company More to the Story Entertainment brings professional and playful princesses to your event! They sang songs, played games, read stories and gave the guests princess makeovers."

Christina with Arizona Families <---- Click the link to read the FULL review! Thank you Christina!!!


If you would like to read more testimonials and reviews, please visit our Facebook page! 

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