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Princess Delaney

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Princess Skyler

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Princess Serena

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Princess Sydney


Princess Rachel

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Who is More to the Story Entertainment (MTTSE)?

 More to the Story Entertainment is Tucson's Professional Princess and Character Entertainment Company. We come to your party or event ready to create that extra spark of magic. Our cast has had a combined 15+ years working with children of all ages. Every detail is carefully tended to in order to make sure you also enjoy you child's special day. Have you ever dreamed of waltzing with Cinderella or hearing about The Little Mermaid's adventures under the sea? We make those dreams reality!

What does "More to the Story" mean?

     When naming our Royal Cast, a song titled "More to the Story" inspired our founder, Brittany. The song is sung by an unorthodox Princess, Princess Fiona in Shrek the Musical.  The lyrics are about how not all stories are what they seem nor do the all follow a similar path to reach 'Happily Ever After.' While most stories are about a Princess in distress and a handsome Prince rescuing her, Brittany knew that not all fairy tales follow that same story line. Even the stories we know so well have much more to tell us. What is it like for all of our favorite characters after the story ends? Does the story end or is there..."more to the story?" Brittany knew the characters would need some help in telling the rest of their stories.

     That's where YOU come in! Your stories are just as magical as your favorite characters and when the two collide, you can take part in their "Happily Ever After!"

     We want to know more about your magical stories too! Do you dance? Enjoy Science experiments? Maybe you dream of being the President one day? Your stories don't just end with "Happily Ever After" either and we want to see what amazing things YOU can dream and achieve. 


     And so, More to the Story Entertainment was born. Driven by imagination and the importance of helping every child we meet know they are royalty and that their story is special, our Royal Cast brings learning disguised as fun to every party!

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More to the Story Entertainment is dedicated to making children's dreams come true by bringing to life their favorite characters and teaching royal traits like being kind and believing in their dreams. Our Royal Cast spreads the joy of music and literacy through telling their stories, but they are more than just princes and princesses. We believe that every "Happily Ever After" is just "More to the Story" for every child and kid at heart.

Our characters are inspired by the authors who penned their Fairy Tales. You can read all about them on their character pages. It is not the intention of More to the Story Entertainment to violate any copyright laws and we do not claim to represent any theme park or film company in any way. Our characters are inspired by the many popular renditions of favorite fairy tale characters and any resemblance to any rendition is incidental. If you are looking for a specific character based on a Walt Disney film, please contact that company directly. Thank you for your understanding and remember, imagination is endless!